Great Las Vegas Magic Shows

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Most of us all love a good magic trick. The amazement of illusions and the curiosity of how certain tricks are pulled off continue to keep us coming back for more. Las Vegas magic shows have to make huge statements since they perform on one of the worlds biggest entertainment stages. So when you come to Las Vegas for a magic show, most expect to be blown away and amazed at the show they attend. Great Las Vegas Magic Shows to See. When you mention Las Vegas magic shows, one of the first names that pops up is Lance Burton. He has been a headliner in Las Vegas for well over 25 years. His amazing illusions and death defying tricks always leave attendees to his shows sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation and surprise. He has earned the Entertainer of the Year award on numerous occasions, and has not plans to stop anytime soon. For as long as Lance Burton has the ability to perform, he will ALWAYS have a headliner show in Las Vegas. Another great Las Vegas magic show to see is Penn and Teller. The duo has performed together for more than 20 years wowing the crowds with their off the wall comedy magic that leaves nothing but humorous memories after sitting through on of their live Las Vegas shows. If you know anything about Penn and Teller, then you know that Teller has not spoken a word in one of their shows since they started to amaze the masses. But that has not stopped him from being the other amazing half of one of the best magic duos this world has ever the world has ever seen. They have no plans to stop anytime soon, and they continue to bring in new fans by the bulk! Criss Angel has hit the magician scene with aggressiveness and intensity. Since arriving in Las Vegas, Criss Angel has attracted millions just by the mention of his name. His hit television show Mind Freak not only has millions of his fans all around the world tuning in, but he now has his own Cirque Du Soleil Las Vegas show that has given his fans yet another excuse to come to the great city of Las Vegas. Some of his illusions include hovering over the Luxor Hotel, walking on water, splitting himself in half and letting fans walk in between his split body, and making a speeding car disappear into the thin air. When you think of Criss Angel, you thing amazement, and what will he do next? The only way to find out is to tune into his hit T.V. show, or come to Las Vegas and see his live show. The Amazing Magic of Rick Thomas and his exotic white tigers have basically taken the place of the legendary duo of Siegfried and Roy. His Las Vegas magic show has been deemed the most successful afternoon show in Vegas history. Rick and his tigers take you a magical journey of magic and illusions as you sit in the audience in amazement. The site of these huge exotic beasts on stage with him is a sight to see all by itself. Once you experience the Magic and Tigers of Rick Thomas, you will not be able to wait until you catch the next show. Attending his Las Vegas magic show is truly a treat. If it's a combination of magic and comedy that you are looking for, then the Mac King Comedy Magic Show is perfect for you! Between being amazed by his-of-the-hands illusions, and his wise cracking comedy, your emotions will be confused and satisfied all at the same time. He has made Several appearances on television, and amazes audiences with his famous gold fish trick that wows each and every volunteer that he pulls up on stage. The combination of comedy and magic has worked well for Mac King, and will continue to lead him to success for as long as people enjoy a great laugh and a great magic show. You can find all of these shows and more when you visit the shows page. Which ever Las Vegas magic show you decide to go with, you will be more than satisfied with your choice.

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