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Here in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world, there are hundreds of luxury automobiles that support the darkest window tint available.In the window tinting industry this style of tint is referred to as" limo tint".Only luxury automobiles driven by a professional driver are allowed to enjoy the benefits of this type of window tint.Many, many people here in Las Vegas choose to break the law every day.How, by choosing a window tint that is darker than is allowed by law on non-luxury professionally driven vehicles.Law enforcement is cracking down on window tinting lawbreakers more and more.After speaking to a couple of law enforcement officers, it is not so much the decrease in vision for the driver, as it is a safety factor to law enforcement officers.What I mean with that last statement, is this, when a motorcycle cop or a law enforcement officer driving a black and white can't see inside of the vehicle, it is a major safety violation and an increased liability.So, regardless of what the police officers tell you, it is for their own safety that they choose to in force this law.The argument against the so-called limo tint debate here in Las Vegas is that it only allows 5% of the ultraviolet light to penetrate the Windows.With temperatures exceeding 100 degrees for 30 days in a row here in Las Vegas I can understand both sides.The darker the window tint, the less the heat comes into your automobile, the greater protection you have for the interior of your car, and there is the added safety benefit of the additional security, from would-be carjackers.To summarize, there are tint laws out there, and you need to be aware of them. But at the same time, there are certain aspects that you may want to take into account before you decide on the level or degree of window tint you are going to have applied to your automobile.We are not suggesting that you break the law intentionally. We are just window tint enthusiasts who wanted to share some knowledge with you, and give you something to think about.

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Charlie Moore is a lifelong resident of Las Vegas and a 30 year veteran of the window tinting industry.  Charlie has seen changes in the window tinting business for quite some time.

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