Las Vegas – The Wal-Mart Of The West

Article by Brian Powers

Wal-Mart likes to bill itself as the one-stop marketplace, the store where you can get everything you need in one trip.

That may be true, but Wal-Mart is no Las Vegas. In fact there's no comparison. Want a quick recap of the things Vegas can offer that Wal-Mart can't? How about live gaming 24/7, top headliners on glitzy 50 foot high neon marquees, sparkling clear pools, some offering topless sections (such as the appropriately named "Bare" at the Mirage), restaurants featuring top chefs such as Emeril and Wolfgang, three miles of magnificent themed hotels, a replica of the Eiffel Tower, classy escort services and valet parking.

The hotels, such as the Venetian, the Bellagio, the MGM Grand, Caesars Palace and the pyramid shaped Luxor are enough to set Vegas apart from any other city on the planet, but the not to be overlooked slogan "Sex Sells" is also one of Sin City's most alluring attractions. Las Vegas is action. Las Vegas is excitement. Las Vegas is sex and it is sexy. You want the best gentlemen's clubs in the country? Las Vegas has them including two locations that feature over 200 topless dancers and more than 100,000 square feet of gyrating, undulating beautiful bods.

You want an escort to come to your room at 11 a.m. or 3 a.m.? A Las Vegas escort service can not only send a hottie to your room or suite, they will let you look through a gallery of honeys, check out their very visible assets and pick your poison. Brothels are illegal in Las Vegas and Clark County but escort services are all legal, and you can get anything from an erotic massage to a soapy college co-ed lathering up in your hotel room shower if that suits your libido.

If you'd rather opt for pushing a cart through Wal-Mart aisles you don't belong in Vegas. Las Vegas is the vacation and destination playground for the world. You want it Vegas has it. If you can't find what you want ask your concierge or even a local cab driver. Las Vegas is all about service and every worker is trained to help you have a good time.

Remember, casino employees and all other service industry personnel in Vegas work for minimum wages and the tips you offer so they have an extra incentive to see that you are happy and get what you want. It doesn't matter if you stay at the exclusive Wynn Hotel, Mandalay Bay, the non-gaming Four Seasons or bunk at a Holiday Inn or no-name motel, Las Vegas does not discriminate. All of the city's pleasures and attractions are there for your enjoyment.

About the Author

Brian Powers is a freelance copy writer and web designer from Las Vegas, Nevada.

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