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MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

Article by Terrance Richardson

Do you like to have fun? Would you like stay in a beautiful hotel for a reasonable price? Do you enjoy gambling and top notch entertainment? If so, you might need to visit Las Vegas. Las Vegas combines fun, entertainment and the chance to win lots of money with the stunning scenery of Nevada. But at the heart of Las Vegas is its hotels.

Las Vegas hotels are some of the most luxurious and unique on the planet. They reflect the advanced skills of modern architects. Their designs pay homage to some of the world's most iconic structures including the Statue of Liberty, The Great Pyramids and the Eiffel Tower. Some Las Vegas hotels feature huge water fountains with amazing shows while others display incredibly elaborate pyrotechnics. And that is only the outside.

When you walk into many of the hotels in Las Vegas they take your breath away. Some have fantastic marble lobbies with fifty foot ceilings and huge chandeliers. Two things strike you at once-the lights and the sounds. The hotels are nothing if not well lit. The sounds of the casinos, lounges and the cheering and laughter of thoroughly entertained people flood the hotels. It is awe-inspiring. You know immediately you are in the entertainment capital of the world. And this is just in the lobby!

Top Las Vegas hotel rooms are a study in luxury and opulence. Huge circular or heart shaped beds dominate the bedrooms. Wall sized floor to ceiling sound suppressing windows provide awesome views of the Las Vegas Strip. Large overstuffed couches and tables made of beautiful woods, steel and glass decorate the living areas. Walk-in showers with water jets and tubs the size of small swimming pools, huge marble-topped well lit vanities and the largest, softest towels anywhere fill the bathrooms. The silence and serenity in the rooms present an interesting contrast to the sounds of bells, alarms, music and laughter of the casinos. The rooms provide a sanctuary where you can relax and recharge before plunging back into the excitement in the casinos below.

There are also sumptuous banquets available to the guests 24 hours a day. Meats, seafood, exotic fruit, perfectly cooked vegetables, pie, cakes and all manner of pastries and a wide variety of water, juices, wines and adult beverages to slake your thirst. Hotels in Las Vegas really know how to take care of their guests. They treat them like royalty!

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