Las Vegas Hotels: Opulence, Splendour And Luxury

Article by Terrance Richardson

Few cities in the world have hotels that come with the incredible designs, stunning views and fabulous amenities than those you can find in Las Vegas. Las Vegas hotels are designed for two things-to titillate the senses and encapsulate you in serenity and luxury. They manage to do both spectacularly. The outside of the hotels are incredible features of engineering. Erupting volcanoes, dancing fountains in the middle of the desert, replicas of many of the world's most iconic structures and huge sweeping monuments to the new limits of creativity in glass and steel illuminated in thousands of lights. Inside, the hotels are shrines to opulence, splendour, luxury and serenity.

The hotels in Las Vegas are amazing. Outside one hotel there is a water show unlike anything seen anywhere in the world. The program of the dancing fountain uses Broadway show tunes by all leading talents of the Great White Way, classical music by Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert, Rachmaninoff and many other, along with the scores from some of the most popular operas the world has known and interprets them in cascading water choreographed to coincide with the time, tempo and rhythm of the music. Each pattern is unique and never repeated. It is amazing to behold. Many people stay for hours mesmerized by its grace and beauty.

Inside the hotels is equally as amazing. Many of the rooms are decorated in casual elegance with the emphasis on comfort. The amenities include marble and granite bathroom counter-tops, double soaking tubs, separate glass enclosed showers with top and side jets, lavish bath towels and rich bathrobes. Some bathrooms have spa tubs and playpen couches in extended living areas, overstuffed chairs, ottoman, executive desks, plush king-sized beds with luxuriant pillow-top mattresses and poly fibre filled neck and back supporting pillows covered in high thread-count linen and floor to ceiling windows with a view of The Strip, the desert or both. Amenities like these make hotels in Las Vegas some of the most talked about in the world.

The service you receive at Las Vegas hotels is top notch. There are spas, pool bars, poolside massages, private cabanas with butler service, in-room dining where the meals are prepared in your presence by impeccably dressed and perfectly trained chefs who are masters of the art of cooking. You may choose your meals from menus with dishes from all over the world.

Hotel in Las Vegas: Come and experience them.

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