Las Vegas – Gamblers Paradise

Article by Trish "The Queen" McArthur

Las Vegas when you hear these words the first image comes to your mind is that of casinos. If you really want to let your hair down, really enjoy yourself as if there is no tomorrow and have lots of money to spend then Las Vegas is the destination for you. Las Vegas is surrounded by mountains with different colors You can see the shades of pink rust and even gray. The city of Las Vegas is situated in the basin of these mountains. Since it is a part of Mojave Desert you can visit Las Vegas all year round. Las Vegas gets abundant sunshine so want some tan on your body Las Vegas is the city for you! Although winter snow is usually visible on the surrounding mountains from December onwards till May it rarely snows in the city so even if you think of visiting Las Vegas in winter you can pack your woolies in your storage and go with just a light sweater. No snow jackets and snow boots for you. If you are planning to visit during summer you will need Sunscreen lotion for sure.If you want to know what does Las Vegas means then it means The Meadows or The grasslands. Las Vegas is the name given to this area by a Spaniards in the Antonio Armijio party. They used the water in the area; heading north and west along the Old Spanish trail from Texas. In the 1800s the area had extensive green meadows so the name Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a major tourist destination. Millions of people come for a visit all year round. Very few people are original residents of the city. Most of the people come there from neighboring cities to work and to visit.Once you are in Las Vegas you will find accommodation easily. As it is the Mecca of gambling, casino hotels are there for you. Las Vegas is the only city where gambling is legalized, you do not have to gamble looking over your shoulder! With your head held high you can play and keep your date with lady luck. As they say whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. You can gamble your days and nights away. Alcoholic beverages are available through out the day. It is said that the lights outside of a casino are never switched off. To attract tourists, the entrance of a casino is often made very attractive. People often gather outside to watch the shows that are on. The concerts are normally free for all. You do not have to pay anything to watch it. To avoid the chaos on the road, the civic administration had erected footbridges. That move has become very successful. In Las Vegas there are very big casinos. Some of them are Fremont hotel and casino, Golden gate casino, Las Vegas club, Golden Spike etc. These hotels are very big and not only they provide you the Casino experience, it gives you the complete family experience too. As there is no restriction you can go from one casino to the next one. Each casino has its unique d├ęcor. You can play on the slot machines or play Poker or many other games or just watch others play. There are many good restaurants and you can shop till you drop in the shopping malls. In a nutshell the ultimate destination for gambling or shopping you head to Las Vegas. If you want to just relax, may be try your luck go gamble or just put your feet up and enjoy the resort experience do what you want because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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