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A dream wedding will always include a Las Vegas wedding. Las Vegas, it seems, is one of the wedding capitals of the world. It offers traditional and non-traditional way of getting married.

Nowadays, some couples have done away with the traditional church setting. They have opted for modern wedding settings. Outside church wedding like garden wedding, underwater weddings, etc have been gaining popularity among the couples who want to tie the knot.

For couples who want to have a small and intimate wedding, Las Vegas wedding chapels can also be considered as a great location. A chapel can be a setting for a memorable wedding if celebrated with family and friends. While some prefer a big church or temple wedding, some prefer the ambience and intimate setting of Las Vegas wedding chapels.

Ultimately, what the wedding will be like will depend on the bride and groom. The wedding preparations will greatly rely on the couple's style, financial capacity, personality and other personal preferences. It is their wedding and therefore the wedding will be done according to their wishes.

In most instances and whenever the couple's financial capacity permits, a wedding coordinator or wedding planner is hired to assist the couple in their wedding preparations. A wedding preparation will be the one to oversee the wedding ceremony from start to finish. Hiring a wedding coordinator is mostly done to avoid stress on the part of the couple especially on the part of the bride.

Among all others, it is the bride who usually feels all the tense and exhaustion in the preparation. To ease the bride's tension, the coordinator is the one who is tasked to do all the bookings and errands.While others prepare for a grand or lavish, others choose to celebrate their wedding in a solemn manner. While the place may connote a festive mood, a solemn wedding celebration may be achieved in Las Vegas. Las Vegas wedding chapels can be turned into a solemn and memorable wedding celebration.

This is not to be understood that Las Vegas wedding is the best one can have. It merely offers an alternative for couples who want to do away with the usual celebration. Fun and better experience for the newly wedded couple are guaranteed in Las Vegas wedding chapels. It is a lot easier to coordinate because both the ceremony and reception are in the same place.

Nowadays there is a movement beyond the traditional church setting and an evolution in wedding locations. People are definitely steering away from traditional church or temple and wedding locations like that.

Some people want to get married in a place a little bit more personal like their family or to the bride and groom's home. As I talked about before its this wave of more personalized weddings. They want to go someplace that really means something special to them, and if it's not church or whatever particular religious background they have then it's something that they want to do the occasion on a place they love like on the beach, they want to be out by the water.

It's also more fun like and makes a better experience for the bride and groom and for their guests. So I think that's definitely why there are more of these weddings at special locations and there are many places now that you can do ceremonies and wedding receptions at. You are at an outdoor venue and then you come indoors for the reception.

So it's also a lot easier logistically to coordinate the ceremony and having a reception at the same venue. As a planner you don't have to figure out how you're going to get the bridal party from one location to the other. You don't have this huge kind of lag time between the ceremony when all of your guests arrive at the wedding reception place before the bride and groom and the bridal party show up. It makes for an easier flow and I think the brides and grooms notice that and so that's another reason that kind of helps just to do everything together. They kind of want to do one-stop shopping and have everything at once and it just makes everything easier for the wedding planner.

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