Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas: the Epitome of Style and Grace

BellagioThe Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas is the epitome of style and grace.  The story of the hotel began with the destruction of the world famous Dunes hotel and casino in 1993.  Conceived of by Steve Wynn and built and maintained by this company - Mirage Resorts, Incorporated, the Bellagio is inspired by the Lake Como Resort in Bellagio, Italy.  With a Mediterranean infused, five pool veranda and an eight acre artificial lake containing hundreds of synchronized and lighted fountains; a visitor cannot help but be transported to the famed Italian waters.  With an estimated construction cost 1.6 billion dollars, the hotel was, at the time, the most expensive hotel in Las Vegas, and , with ten thousand employees, the largest employer as well. 

While the intricate pools of the veranda and the amazing fountain shows of the artificial pool help define the hotel, inside there are numerous amenities and features that make the Bellagio hotel, Las Vegas uniquely different from the other luxury hotels that line the strip.  One of the truly awe inspiring impressions that the hotel makes comes upon your first steps into the magnificent lobby, perched on the ceiling is Dale Chihuly’s Fiori di Como.  This beautiful rendition of Italy’s fields in spring contains two thousand hand blown glass flowers of all colors.

Once you make it past the lobby and into your suite, you will be no less impressed.  With over thirty-nine hundred rooms, the Bellagio has one of the largest capacities of any hotel in Las Vegas.  However, even with such numbers, the rooms and suites are spacious and luxurious.  The average square footage of a room is almost one thousand square feet, with the higher end suites having two stories and topping out at almost five thousand square feet.  These rooms are styled after European opulence with Italian marble bath rooms, lighted walk in wardrobe closets, and vast views of the surrounding mountains. While appealing to luxury and sophistication, these rooms also boast separate office suites with multiline phones, internet availability, and all conveniences of modern day media technology.

With 116 thousand square feet of gaming space, the casino at the Bellagio is not the largest in Las Vegas, but it has often been considered the most sophisticated.   Due to its number of high limit tables and ability to cater to demanding tastes, dozens of professional poker players call this casino their home “office”.  The casino has hosted several high profile poker tournaments including those associated with the World Poker Tour.  Other gaming opportunities include slot machines, baccarat tables, roulette wheels, other card tables, and professional sports betting.

If food and entertainment are more your style, then the Bellagio hotel, Las Vegas has that covered as well.  This hotel offers nine different dining options and is the only hotel in Las Vegas that can boast of two five star restaurants: Le Cirque and Picasso.  There is only one permanent show at this hotel. However, it is production of Cirque du Soleil entitled “O” specifically created for the opening the hotel. This fantastic performance is a must see for every visitor to Las Vegas.  With so many amenities and it is no wonder that the Bellagio hotel is the epitome of style and grace.

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