Visit Vegas and Visit the World

Paris Las VegasNot everyone can afford to travel the globe and see the great sights of the world, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Sphinx in Egypt.  But if you can make it to Vegas, you can enjoy replicas of some famous structures and attractions.

At Paris Hotel and Casino, you'll enjoy the Eiffel Tower Experience. This replica of France's famed Eiffel Tower is half the size of the real thing, which still makes it pretty tall. Take a ride to the top of the tower and you can enjoy a view of the city from 460 feet above ground. The Las Vegas Review-Journal voted it the "Best Place to View the City," so you know the view is stunning.

For another European experience, hop over to the Venetian Resort and Casino and enjoy the experience of a gondola ride without needing to visit the canals of Venice. You can book a private 2-person gondola for a romantic excursion while being serenaded by your gondolier.

When you've finished your European adventures, you can get a taste of Egypt at the Luxur Hotel and Casino. The hotel features a 10-story Sphinx, a recreation of the Great Sphinx of Giza in its glory days (still with paint and a nose that hasn't been worn off over the eons), and a 140-foot obelisk. And, of course, the hotel itself is shaped like a giant pyramid.

While The Mirage doesn't follow a theme from a particular country, you can imagine yourself in Hawaii or other volcanic locations when you check out their volcano, which erupts every 15 minutes at night from dusk until midnight.

Finally, if you haven't had a chance to visit the real Big Apple, the New York New York Hotel and Casino can take you there. In front of the property is a lake representing New York Harbor, with a 150-foot-tall replica of the Statue of Liberty, and replicas of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Main Immigration Building on Ellis Island, and the Grand Central Terminal.

Globe trotting has never been so easy.

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